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Midtown Modern Condo To Launch in 2020 at Bugis opposite Midtown Bay!

Opposite Midtown Modern is the famous Liang Seah Street Eateries

Midtown Modern is a brand new development situated right at the heart of Bugis Tan Quee Lan Street from Guocoland. The site was procured by Guocoland beneath the most recent government property sales tender at which the best bid of $800.19 million has been filed by Guocoland. The tender reflects developer’s assurance in great situated plots of property and also Midtown Modern is right at the top of Bugis MRT Station. Midtown Modern using its place represents a chance for Guocoland to developer their signature growth in an perfect place.

Midtown Modern Guocoland Situated in Bugis Core City Centre

Midtown Modern is a highly sought after residential development since it’s situated right at the center of Downtown Bugis. The development is situated near to many transport options near and is directly linked to Bugis MRT Station. District 07 is another up and coming district which represents a cosmopolitan location where many wealthy people gather after their job and it’s a strategic location that’s at the center city center. Midtown Modern allure to owners who’d love to remain in the center town center and yet provides a historical touch to the conveniences nearby.

Bugis Village

Convenient place to keep at as it’s situated near to a lot of amenities like eating, leisure, shopping and a lot more. The ease of Bugis to all of this conveniences is unmatched as Midtown Modern is only a couple of minutes walk or a brief drive to those industrial outlets. Midtown Modern can be situated right beside the most well-known shopping centers in Bugis that are Bugis Junction and Bugis+ that are popular amongst the office audience in addition to weekend shoppers.

Midtown Modern Tan Quee Lan Street can be situated near to numerous thematic cafes and eateries across the Bugis area. Bugis is proven to comprise several family owned restaurants situated across the conservatory shophouses offering a laid back sense as diners enjoy their dinner within a more relaxed surroundings and supply an alternative dining experience. These food options are littered around Bugis and your loved ones can receive their dinner rather than cooking at home when you dont feel like doing this.

Very Near To Bugis MRT

Midtown Modern Bugis can be situated next to the Central Business District and signifies unparalleled convenience for residents who work in Raffles Place, Marina Bay and City Call. The growth is connected to all these parts of Singapore through public transportation such as buses across Bugis and Bugis MRT

Station. This usually means that Midtown Modern will probably be a highly desired place for leasing as expats and office employees will be seeking to rent this distinctive plot of land adjacent to Bugis MRT Station.

Midtown Modern Condo signifies a signature improvement in Downtown Bugis which is highly desired in the center city center. No additional advancements in the region comes close to the iconic improvement since it’s directly linked to Bugis MRT Station. Prospective residents will likely be available to travel to other areas of Singapore such as City Hall or Tanjong Pagar throughout the present East-West Line which is situated directly beneath Midtown Modern Condo Guocoland. Additionally, there Are a Wide Selection of buses across Victoria Road, Rocher Road, North Bridge Road and Tan Quee Lan Street which makes the development directly linked.

For owners that are driving rather than taking public transportation from Bugis Tan Quee Lan Street, the growth can be situated near to Central Expressway (CTE) in addition to East Coast Parkway (ECP). Traveling to Toa Payoh, Jurong and Changi Airport is consequently very handy with a vast assortment of transportation nodes out there.

With a superb transport system which takes you everywhere in Singapore, Midtown Modern Guocoland Condo will be among the very highly sough after advancements as it connects to other areas in Singapore directly. It signifies a centrally located development in the core of the center city center Bugis which is a favorite among the workplace crowd and teens alike.

National Library Near Midtown Gardens Condo at Tan Quee Lan Street Bugis By Guocoland

Midtown Modern — Found Near Schools

1 thing to remember that for a development to be found near to colleges is almost always a plus element is you is trying to find a development for particular stay. This is only one of the principal things that bring investors in addition to proximity to schools supposed that there’s alot of advantage. District 07 is a mature estate and Bugis is famous for Lots of the great schools which are located across the region as it is mature estate and there are also lots of international colleges situated near to Midtown Modern Condo too. A number of those schools are highly sought after because they’re known to make students with high academic excellence which makes it a highly sought after place for home stayers.

Stamford Primary School

Singapore Management University

A number of these colleges can be found alongside Midtown Modern Tan Quee Lan Street and getting to those schools really are a mere couple of minutes walk or 5 mins drive away. Lesser timing is therefore needed to take your children to college and the children may have more rest or attain home early and have more actions. The parents also don’t need to rush home everyday from work and timings could be somewhat more flexible.

A Few of the schools which are located alongside Midtown Modern Bugis comprise the under

Anglo-chinese College (Junior)

Stamford Primary School

The amount of colleges which are in the mature city of Bugis are aplenty and signifies a perfect place to call home. Midtown Modern Condo can be situated near to numerous preschool and enrichment centers and so signifies a ideal place to stay. For owners that want to find tertiary schooling around Bugis, Singapore Management University (SMU) can be situated beside Midtown Modern and this implies also a ideal place to rent your unit out to tenants that are operating in SMU.

Midtown Modern Located close to Shopping Centres.

Midtown Modern Condo is one of the most iconic improvement that’s situated in Bugis from Guocoland and Bugis is home to a number of the shopping centers that’s a favorite among the locals and workplace audience. These shopping centers provided a all-rounded encounter for shoppers since the shopping centers have a wide selection of stores that appeal to different shoppers. Additionally, there are lots of different services supplied at shopping centers close to Midtown Modern Location for example health care stores and the most recent style shops. The shopping centers essentially caters to the comprehensive mall experience from eating, shopping, health care, style and markets. Everything that a purchaser is Searching for can be found at those shopping centers making it the perfect place to unwind and unwind with your Loved Ones

Bugis Junction Beside Midtown Gardens Condo at Tan Quee Lan Street Bugis By Guocoland

Bugis Junction

Among those most popular shopping centers that is situated near to Midtown Modern at Bugis Junction. The shopping center was here since the first phases of Bugis and will be your choice play to collect with friends and family and coworkers since there’s an entire assortment of shopping shops offered from the evolution. From grocery shops like Cold Storage to food outlets like Food Junction and Crystal Jade, Bugis Junction function as one-stop spot for the family to collect. Additionally, there are many dessert shops and cafe situated at Bugis Junction to serve your buddies for a fast chat too. Bugis Junction is also a exceptional shopping center where the roof is in fact made from glass allowing visitors to store at a air- conditioned surroundings but nevertheless being able watch the sun. Additionally, there are numerous push carts in Bugis Junction which makes it a exceptional shopping experience.

Bugis+ is a comparatively new shopping mall that caters to the younger audience that’s near to Midtown Modern Guocoland. Bugis+ is also a trendy iconic shopping center because of its location and can be directly linked to Bugis Junction. The shopping mall

Includes many fascinating F&B options like steamboat and touch korean dishes and have a broad variety of style to appeal to the young and fashionable.

Signature Cafes and Family Restaurants Found Close to Midtown Modern

Bugis is a real estate however in precisely the exact same time was proven to become popular amongst teens in addition to the youthful office audience because it has a large selection of selections to appeal to the shoppers at Bugis. Among the chief reasons from Bugis is indeed exceptional is that there are lots of family possessed thematic cafes which are in the first floor of lots of the conservation shophouses round the region. These cafes aren’t exactly the normal coffee chain shops and several are family possessed that supplies a more personal touch on the dining choices offered in thee cafes. These festivals function as a unique identify of Bugis and these cannot be viewed in different parts of Singapore. Bugis is known to be a food sanctuary since there are lots of family themed restaurants at the shophouses too. For buyers that prefer neighborhood signature dishes. Additionally, there are many hawker centers that serve local dishes in reduced rates and

Twenty Eight Cafe

A number of these shops have been in Singapore for quite a while and stood the test of time. A number of the signature dishes served in North Bridge Road Market & Food Centre, Golden Mile Food Centre and Albert Street Food Centre comprise Laksa, Yong Dau Foo and Indian Prata. These makes Midtown Modern Tan Quee Lan Street place an superb improvement to catch your meal following their job and return home later.

Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S- Café is situated directly at the center of Bugis and functions among the very best Swabian cuisine. Stuttgart is the capital of Baden-Württemberg is south west Germany and the cafe is remarkably popular with German food fans. Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Café additionally serve their signature wine out of their wine cellars which have a lengthy history dating all of the way back to 11th Century. Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Café functions many signature dishes such as their renowned pork knuckle that is an significant part Italian culture and dishes. Additionally, there are signature Specialty Sausages and Burgers which are served at the cafe.

Twenty Eight Cafe

Twenty Eight Cafe is just another thematic cafe That’s located at the

Heart of Bugis close to Midtown Modern. The cafe is a Italian Restaurant that concentrate on specialty coffee grinds and brunch items. The cafe is a great choice for coffee lovers in addition to dinner meetings and for pupils since there are numerous charging vents found in the cafe which makes it the ideal place to run some casual meetings over lunch or coffee. Twenty Eight Cafe is a joy to see throughout the day once the entire area is full of natural sun as the topic of the cafe would be to permit a richer setting to the cafe to make a more relaxed setting. They enjoy their coffee as their coffee beans have been especially selected from overseas place such as Indonesia and roasted in Bali. Italian food fans may also find their favorite signature pastas found at Twenty Eight Cafe too.

The Cat Cafe

The Cafe Restaurant is just another touch route in Bugis close to Midtown Modern which is a favorite with youngsters especially cat lovers. The cafe provides a exceptional mixture of java, pasteuries and cats. The cat cafe homes quite a few cats which are previously strays and have since been accepted within the cafe. The cats reside at the cafe and patrons can enjoy their favorite drink at a cozy surroundings and revel in the business of those cats.

Midtown Modern Near Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals

Midtown Modern Condo place in Bugis situated in the center city center also stands out as a conveniently situated development close to hospitals. Residents may rejoice that essential health care services are situated anyplace in Bugis and making it one of the very convenient place too suited for the eldery. Public Healthcare institutions as well as the personal ones are just a brief walk or a couple of minutes drive off and consequently Midtown Modern is the perfect spot for people to retire together with the broad selection of health facilities situated at Bugis Tan Quee Lan Street.

Among the most iconic health care place situated near to Midtown Modern Locationis Raffles Hospital. The Hospital is situated right alongside Midtown Modern Guocoland in Tan Quee Lan Street. Raffles Hospital caters to a broad selection of healthcare services such as emergency medical care to specialist outpatient clinics. These medical services are located in Raffles Hospital

Hospital. Raffles Hospital is a tertiary hospital of Raffles Medical Group also has quite a few clinics which are situated around Singapore. Raffles Hospital stay the flagship of this team and provides services such as day surgery, angiography suites, delivery suites, operating theatres, intensive care unit, and neonatal intensive care unit.

Midtown Modern Found Near Iconic Buildings in Singapore

Midtown Modern is situated near to a number of the essential areas in Singapore since it’s situated in the mature property of Bugis in which there are several conveniences. The buildings offer a fantastic spot for sometime with the family because these are historic buildings and you will find many museums situated near to Midtown Modern that offer great educational areas for your kids.

The National Museum of Singapore is among the most historic buildings in Singapore and is obsolete way back in 1960s that’s the first part of Singapore liberty. The National Museum of Singapore is situated near to Midtown Modern and concentrate on lots of the displays before Singapore liberty and therefore is an excellent place to see to learn more about Singapore history. The museum comprises many of the main artifacts belonging to Singapore History.

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